We are an experimental atomic physics group using ultracold gases to probe exotic quantum phases of matter and many-body spin dynamics.


Emma and Emma in the lab setting up an electromagnet
2024 Feb 13

Welcome Emmas!

Emma H and Emma F joined the lab to work on building and characterizing the lab's electromagnets.

New LC Lab
2023 Nov 22

Laser engraver active

Our first laser alignment task in the new lab was getting an 80~W CO2 laser engraver set up. Ready to cut!

New LC Lab
2023 Aug 15

We have moved!

The Olsen Lab has moved to Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. Time to get working on rebuilding the apparatus!

SRP students
2021 May 31

Summer reseach begins

Pranshu, Laura, Phong, and Rafa joined the lab to work on various hardware-related projects (in a social-distancing compatible way).

SRP students
2020 July 31

Summer research complete

Areeb, Alvin, and Maaz worked hard all summer... from their rooms. They developed more capability for lab environment monitoring with raspberry pi's. Here is a rare picture of them in the lab near the end of the summer.

lab ready for shutdown
2020 Apr 04

Lab entering shutdown

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, all research labs in Singapore will be closing until May 4.

RGA trace showing vacuum chamber gas composition
2020 Mar 19

RGA operational

We installed an tested a residual gas analyzer from SRS on the lithium spectroscopy cell today - look at all those gases in the vacuum chamber!

Laser curtains around experiment tables
2020 Feb 12

Now with 100% more laser curtain

Our laser safety curtains were delivered and installed today - now we just need to get some powerful lasers that merit such durable curtains.

Shelves above optical tables
2019 Dec 24

Equipment shelves assembled

Thanks to my parents, Gary Olsen (pictured here with in-progress shelves) and Cynthia Robeck, for their help installing the shelves to hold equipment over the optical tables.

Optical tables delivered
2019 Dec 16

Renovations complete, optical tables delivered

Renovations on the lab are finally complete, and the first piece of equipment has moved in. The optical tables are very stiff to reduce variations in laser beam paths, and sit on cushions of air in the legs to damp vibrations from the floor. Come visit us in Lab 1 of the Science Centre!

Lithium saturated absorption signal
2019 Oct 25

First doppler-free signal!

Late friday nights in the lab seem to yield the most results. Here is an oscilloscope trace of our first Doppler free saturated absorption spectroscopy signal. The broad peak is absorption due to all the lithium atoms (with a spread in velocities), while the narrow peaks are due only to atoms at rest along the direction of the laser beam.

Yun Da in the lab
2019 Oct 18

New Group Member

Yun Da is a second-year student interested in raspberry pi and microcontrollers, and will continue development of our laboratory monitoring system. Welcome!

Angela and Jingying in the lab
2019 Aug 31

New Lab Interns

Welcome to our newest members of the lab - Jingying Wang and Angela Gupta. They will be assisting with the construction of our lithium spectroscopy cell and measuring shifts of the resonance frequency due to collisions with inert gases.

Dikshant in the lab
2019 Aug 16

New Group Member

Dikshant is a first-year student interested in quantum physics. He will begin by building (classical) circuits and developing electronic tools for controlling equipment. Welcome!

Tabi with a completed vacuum chamber
2019 May 31

Bon Voyage, Tabi!

Tabi is leaving to spend some time in the UK, followed by a semester abroad. On her last day in the lab this year, we sealed up the spectroscopy vacuum chamber and pumped it down to just below \(10^{-4}\) Pa. Great work, and see you in 2020!

labsnacks box from Thorlabs
2019 May 14

First Labsnacks Box!

Our first order from Thorlabs arrived today. My initial excitement was dampened by the confusion of all the students: "Is this... American food?".

lab space ready for summer research
2019 May 13

Summer research begins

A warm welcome to the newest members of the lab: Tabitha, Rishav, and Devendra! This summer, they'll build some of the foundations of the lab infrastructure: lab monitoring sensors, experimental control software, and a vacuum chamber for saturated absorption spectroscopy.

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